Third-Party Operator in India - Trend or Need!!!

We all are aware of three models of Operating hotels – Owned, Managed and Franchised. However, with franchising model gaining popularity, there is a need for GOOD third-party operator in India.

What is TPO or a Third-Party Operator

  1. TPO – acts more on owners’ behalf than brand. So, a shorter contract is made rather than having 20 years long contract.
  2. Lower costs AND better usage of funds- The expert third party can wisely use the funds and can negotiate where it is not providing better ROI for the owners.
  3. More efficient – TPO has small teams and can be more efficient than huge brands especially region wise.
  4. Changes can be implemented quickly with TPO than huge brands decision making process.
  5. Better Asset management – TPOs have experts who can give better asset management benchmarking best practices even outside hotel companies.

The Sapphero Services

  1. Managing the hotel operations 
    a. Pre-Opening Support
    b. Post Opening Support
  2. Talent Hunt
  3. Learning and development
  4. Corporate and Travel Agent Sales management
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Revenue Management
  7. Reputation Management
  8. Brand Compliance
  9. Hotel accounting and MIS